Securities administration - Spain


Income collection

Record date
Ex-dateBasis for
Standard interest
calculation rule
Coupon paymentPayment Date -1 business dayPayment Date  -2 business daysSettlement dateActual/Actual
Dividend paymentPayment Date -1 business dayPayment Date  -2 business daysTrade dateNot applicable

Corporate actions

Market Record dateBasis for entitlement
Cash income entitlementsPayment Date -1 business dayTrade date

Most common corporate events

The most common events in the Spanish market are Purchase offers, Rights issues, Bonuses (automatic, non-automatic), Subscription offers.

Other market specifics

Entitlement on voting and similar rights will be given to those investors that have registered their securities five days prior to the exercise of the right.

Market compensation rules

Please refer to the Entitlement Compensation Rules.