Issuance and distribution hub


Issuance and primary market distribution is either free of payment or versus payment. Qualifying securities in bearer, registered or dematerialised forms, covering a wide range of instruments, e.g. debt, equities, and structured products may be immobilised in LuxCSD enabling settlement in book entry form.

Operational arrangements

The LuxCSD Operational Arrangements provides Issuers and their appointed Agents with LuxCSD contractual and operational requirements for an issue to become and remain eligible for LuxCSD services.

Eligible jurisdictions

LuxCSD qualifying securities may require a legal opinion where both the governing law of the security and the country of incorporation of the issuer is not Luxembourg.

Eligible currencies

LuxCSD offers issuance and distribution services for T2S-eligible securities in EUR and issuance is supported by DvP in central bank money.

The following payment details apply to the issuers' or their agent's payment of custody proceeds on LuxCSD-issued securities to LuxCSD:

EUR custody proceeds paid on T2S eligible securities issued through LuxCSD: all such payments must be made exclusively to LuxCSD’s T2S “Dedicated Cash Account” (“DCA”) with the Banque centrale du Luxembourg – LuxCSD T2S DCA details are CLUEURLUXCLULLXXX01.

This may be done via TARGET Services ESMIG Portal (T2 RTGS GUI or T2 CLM GUI) or by sending a camt.050 xml message to T2. The camt.050 xml message must be formatted following the guidelines provided by the ECB. 

T2 UDFS for ECB’s T2-T2S consolidation project provides more information about camt.050:

RTGS UDF 3.0 (section “12.2.19 LiquidityCreditTransfer (camt.050)”)

CLM UDFS 3.02 (Section “12.2.12 LiquidityCreditTransfer (camt.050)”)

USD custody proceeds: All such payments must be made exclusively to CBL's account with JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York - BIC code CHASUS33XXX, account 001-1-573714.

GBP custody proceeds: All such payments must be made exclusively to CBL’s account with Barclays Bank PLC, London – BIC code BARCGB22, account GB29 BARC 2032 5350 4088 59.

Security issuance checklists

LuxCSD provides tailored versions of the checklists established under the ISMAG initiative - for issuance under programme and standalone - to assist in evaluating the completeness of security information thereby allowing for more timely and accurate servicing of the security.

Issuance Effectuation Templates for Bearer and Registered form

The effectuation and disposal authorisations must be signed by issuers when the Global Note is delivered electronically to the LuxCSD vaults operator, in order to permit effectuation of the Global Note thereby creating a valid issue.

  • Issuer effectuation and disposal authorisation for a programme
  • Issuer effectuation and disposal authorisation for stand-alone securities
  • Issuer effectuation template

Cancellation for Dematerialised form

The effectuation and disposal authorisations do not apply for dematerialised securities because no Global Note is issued or delivered. However, a cancellation message via SWIFT is sent by the Issuer's Agent when the security is due for cancellation and removal from LuxCSD's issuance account. Please refer to the LuxCSD SWIFT guide.

Communication Guides

To provide timely and accurate processing of securities LuxCSD requires the use of standardised communications following the ISO/SMPG standards as defined in the LuxCSD SWIFT guides for Agents.

The guides are divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 - Settlement and Reconciliation messages (MT53x MT54x MT599)
  • Part 2 - Corporate Action messages (MT56x)
  • Part 3 - New Issue messages (MT599)