Asset servicing

LuxCSD offers a full set of custody and asset servicing with service levels modelled on international standards.

LuxCSD customers can hold LuxCSD-issued securities and securities for which LuxCSD provides investor CSD services through its link with CBF.

Standard custody services include the handling of:

  • Exchanges
  • Income and redemptions
  • Corporate action events
  • Shareholder identification
  • General meetings

The proceeds resulting from a corporate action on T2S eligible securities will be distributed into the T2S accounts of the LuxCSD customer, the Securities Account (SAC) and the Dedicated Cash Account (DCA) respectively. 

The proceeds in a non-T2S eligible currency will be distributed into the related Clearstream Banking Luxembourg (CBL) securities and cash account of the LuxCSD customer. This may be the case with regard to the following types of securities: 

  • Securities issued through LuxCSD which are not T2S-eligible; or
  • Securities which are held at LuxCSD and which are denominated in a non-T2S eligible currency.