LuxCSD-Issuer agreement

The LuxCSD-Issuer agreement governs the relationship between the two parties regarding the maintenance and reconciliation of the issued outstanding amount for qualifying securities of the Issuer.

The LuxCSD-Issuer agreement is required once for each programme and separately for each stand-alone issue in LuxCSD.

LuxCSD-Issuer's Agent agreement

The LuxCSD-Issuer's Agent agreement recognises the agent as a qualified LuxCSD Principal Agent. The primary responsibilities of the LPA are to provide standardised communications (ISO/SMPG standards) and assistance to LuxCSD ensuring timely and accurate processing of the securities.

The LuxCSD-Issuer's Agent agreement is required once per Agent and is valid until revoked.

Agreements should be signed by the party and sent to LuxCSD at the addresses indicated on the agreement.