Shareholder Structure

The following diagram outlines a overview of the shareholder structure of LuxCSD S.A.

Deutsche Börse AG

The composition of the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board is available on the Deutsche Boerse website.

Clearstream Holding AG and Clearstream International S.A.

The composition of the Supervisory Boards and the Executive Boards is available on the Clearstream website.

General Meeting of Shareholders

LuxCSD’s annual general meeting is held on the second Monday in May. In accordance with Article 450-3 of the Companies Act, the general meeting of shareholders has the broadest powers to order, carry out or ratify all acts relating to the operations of the Company. 

The general meeting of shareholders has more particularly the power to elect and remove the directors of the Company in accordance with Article 441-2 of the Companies Act and Article 7 of the Articles of Association and the rules and criteria determined hereafter.