Financial Stability Board (FSB) continuity of access to Financial Market Infrastructures (FMIs) for Firms in Resolution


The FSB guidance on continuity of access to Financial Market Infrastructures (FMIs) sets out arrangements and safeguards to facilitate continuity of access to FMIs for a firm in resolution. To reduce the burden of duplicative information gathering efforts, it was suggested to collect certain baseline information relevant to continuity of access in resolution through the use of a common questionnaire for gathering the relevant information.

Questionnaire - Streamlined information collection to support resolution planning

Five parts:

1. General information on the FMI and its legal structure

2. Information on the rulebook/contractual provisions regarding termination

3. The phase prior to resolution, during signs of distress at the FMI participant

4. The release phase

5. Arrangements and operational processes to facilitate continued access in resolution