Securities administration – Slovak Republic


Income collection

Market Record dateEx-date periodBasis for entitlementStandard interest calculation rule
Coupon payment
Government bonds: Payment Date -1
Corporate bonds:
Ex-date -1
1 to 30 days aSettled position
on Record date

30E/360, Actual/360, Actual/Actual

Dividend payment
Not applicable bNot applicable bSettled position
on Record date

Not applicable

a. The ex-date period is usually 10 to 30 days in connection with corporate and bank bonds.
b. The concepts are not recognised in the market. The General Meeting (GM) at which the dividend payout is approved decides the entitlement date, which is determined as not earlier than the 5th and not later than the 30th day following the day of the GM.

Corporate actions

Most common corporate events

The most common corporate events in the Slovak market are income events such as interest and redemption events.

Issuers may also decide to re-materialise securities, following an approval at the General Meeting. Companies whose shares are traded on the BSSE must perform a tender offer to buy back shares from the shareholders that either voted against the materialisation or did not take part in the General Meeting.

Organisation of AGM/EGMs

AGMs are normally held by companies during the months of March, April, May and June in order to close the previous year by approving the statement of finances and the annual report.

The announcement of the ordinary AGM as well as of an EGM is published in the national periodical economic press according to legal requirements no less than 30 days before the GM. This applies to all issuers whose shares are listed on the BSSE.

Other market specifics

Voting is performed either by the physically present beneficial owner or through a proxy representative (empowered person) at the GM. No other method of voting is applicable in the Slovak Republic.

According to market practice, the underlying stock is not blocked before the meeting and trading on the BSSE and settlement in CSD remain possible in that stock.

Please note that due to the ad hoc requirements of each issuer, clients should be aware that additional documentation may be requested ahead of the meeting and successful submission of votes will depend on timely provision of requested documentation.