General tax information - types of securities, deadlines, other market specifics - Netherlands


Types of securities

The eligible securities issued in The Netherlands are as follows:

  • Domestic bonds, including government bonds and stripped government bonds;
  • Foreign bonds;
  • Short-Term Notes, including:
    • Domestic and foreign commercial paper (including Dutch Treasury Certificates); and
    • Domestic and foreign certificates of deposit (including Nederlandsche Bank Certificates);
  • Medium-Term Notes.
  • Equities.

Types of beneficial owner

Residents of The Netherlands cannot reclaim withholding tax through Clearstream Banking.

Residents of DTT countries

A reclaim of withholding tax is available through Clearstream Banking, via quick refund or  standard refund, if the beneficial owner qualifies for the benefit of a reduced rate of withholding tax in accordance with a DTT between its country of residence and The Netherlands.

European Union (EU) tax-exempt legal entities

A full refund of withholding tax is available through Clearstream Banking for beneficial owners that:

  • Are corporate entities established in an EU Member State other than The Netherlands; and
  • Are not subject to profit tax in their country of residence; and
  • Would not be subject to profit tax if they had been established in The Netherlands.

These entities may only reclaim withholding tax through the specific EU tax-exempt refund procedure in accordance with the national legislation of The Netherlands. This procedure is applicable to tax withheld at source on dividends paid from 1 January 2007 onwards.

Currently, of the legal entities that meet the above criteria, the Dutch Tax Authorities consider only pension funds and charitable organisations as eligible for this procedure.

Foreign governments and international organisations

There are no domestic exemptions available for foreign governments or international organisations. Please refer to the relevant DTT where appropriate.