LuxCSD ‒ Legal Entity Identifier Service


LuxCSD issued ISO 17442:2012 compliant LEIs with the prefix 2221 from September 2014 to February 2022 and was a GLEIF accredited LOU (Local Operating Unit) for Luxembourg and 36 other jurisdictions. LuxCSD relinquished its LOU licence by end Q1 2022 and ceased all LEI related activities such as issue, renew, challenge and transfer LEIs on 17 February 2022.

The LEI portfolio of LuxCSD (including all previously provided documents) has been transferred to London Stock Exchange (LSEG) operating already the LuxCSD online portal on UnaVista. The automatic LEI transfer was completed on 23 February 2022.

The status of your LEIs remains unchanged. You may use your former LuxCSD LEI portal credentials (email and password) to login to the UnaVista/LSEG LEI domain to take action on your LEIs with UnaVista/LSEG who are now the managing LOU.

You can access the UnaVista/LSEG LEI domain via this link: Data Solutions (

General information of LSEG about their LEI Service is available here: Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) | LSEG or contact the LSEG LEI team directly via

For any enquiry regarding historic LEI data please consult the GLEIF website (

All invoices issued by LuxCSD to customers for LEI services rendered remain valid after transfer of the LuxCSD LEI portfolio. Customers are asked to pay their outstanding amounts without delay. LuxCSD continues to monitor outstanding payments and to request settlement of open invoices in due time.