Vestima+: Aspect UCITS Funds Plc available for trading



Monday 18 June 2012

Investment fund shares in funds handled by Quintillion Limited (Ireland) and listed in the attached spreadsheet will be available for trading on Vestima+.

Order Issuers that are connected to Vestima+ can now place orders with Quintillion Limited (Ireland) in its capacity as registrar and transfer agent for these funds.

Fund details

Effective date: Monday 18 June 2012

Registrar and transfer agent: Quintillion Limited (Ireland)


order types
One to One
One to Many
Cancellation Request
in unitsNoYesYesNoYes
by amountYesYesYesNo

Decimals accepted: Up to 4


Subscriptions require payment at the time of order placement. They settle free of payment (Actual). Cash will be payable on order placement to the account of the Fund. On settlement date, customers will receive shares free of payment in Clearstream Banking Luxembourg (CEDELULLXXX) from account 10414 of Quintillion Limited (Ireland).

Redemptions settle delivery against payment in Clearstream Banking Luxembourg (CEDELULLXXX) against account 10414 of Quintillion Limited (Ireland).

For participants using the Automated Settlement2 service of Vestima+, the appropriate settlement instructions for receipt or delivery of the shares will be generated automatically.

Settlement currencies: Fund currency only

Trading Party Requirements

Orders not bearing these details as required by the transfer agent may be rejected.

Via SWIFT, in the party sequence (TRADPRTY), as follows:

  • :95Q::INVE//the Investor's BIC
  • :97A::SAFE//the Investor's Agent Code (or other identifier as agreed with the transfer agent)3

Via Vestima+ web browser interface, in the trading party information, as follows:

  • Required trading party: Investor
  • Name & Address: the Investor's BIC
  • Safekeeping: the Investor's Agent Code (or other identifier as agreed with the transfer agent)3

Placing orders via Vestima+

Quintillion Limited (Ireland) will only accept orders for settlement in Clearstream Banking Luxembourg CEDELULLXXX if these are received through CBL (Vestima+). Orders sent directly to Quintillion Limited (Ireland) for CBL settlement will be rejected by the transfer agent.

Order Issuers must inform Clearstream Banking at least five business days before placing the first order.

For participants using the “automated agent code population” service of Vestima+, the appropriate investor code will be provided automatically.

Further information

For further information, customers may contact, as appropriate:

Vestima+ Customer ServiceQuintillion Limited (Ireland)

For more general information regarding Clearstream Banking4 products and services, customers may contact Customer Service or their Relationship Officer.

1. Please refer to the Creation Market Guide for details.
2. Settlement instructions are generated on behalf of one or both parties to the trade upon receipt of and according to the trade execution confirmation received from the Order Handling Agent. (Formerly called the “locked-in” service.)
3. Order Issuers are required to contact the transfer agent directly to obtain the appropriate code.
4. Clearstream Banking refers to Clearstream Banking, société anonyme, registered office at 42, avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg and registered with the Luxembourg Register of Commerce and Companies under number B-9248 (CBL). This information outlines services provided to customers of CBL and LuxCSD, société anonyme, not all of which are available to customers who hold accounts with Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt (CBF).

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