LuxCSD service refocus


With the objective to streamline its product offering, LuxCSD wishes to inform its customers that starting

1 October 2017

no new business activity outside TARGET2-Securities (T2S) will be accepted.

This is applicable to all services provided through accounts outside T2S (that is, applicable to the 43xxx range of accounts) be they related to the issuance of new securities in currencies other than EUR, the against payment settlement outside T2S through these accounts or the custody of securities outside T2S in an Investor CSD capacity.

This change will allow us to focus on T2S based products and decommissions the services that were required only temporarily prior to the introduction of T2S.

In parallel, the roll-out of T2S based products such as the access to all other T2S markets will start. Only a few days later the first implementation of this roll-out will be the T2S based access to the German market on 9 October 2017 (please see announcement L17101).

Customers still holding positions outside T2S or actively using their 43xxx account will be contacted directly to agree the best transition approach for their residual activity to be migrated at the latest by Q1 2018.

Further information

For further information, please contact LuxCSD Client Services or your Relationship Officer.