Relief at source - eligibility, documentation, deadlines - Belgian equities


Who can obtain relief at source?

Relief at source from withholding tax on dividends from Belgian equities is available through Clearstream Banking for beneficial owners as follows:

Eligible beneficial ownersRate applicable at source
Supranational and international organisations0%
foreign companies holding “qualifying” participation0%

Documentation requirements

The documentation requirements vary according to the status of the beneficial owner, as follows:

For supranational or international organisations:

  • Annexe 229 - Attestation de Propriété in the name of each beneficial owner concerned;
  • Per-payment Corporate Action Instruction.

For foreign companies holding “qualifying” participation:

Form descriptions are presented according to the procedures available for relief and/or reclaim of withholding tax on income from Belgian equities.

Deadlines for receipt of documents

Eligible beneficial owners can benefit from relief at source from withholding tax on dividends from Belgian equities provided that:

  • The respective Annexe is received at the latest four business days before the first dividend payment; and
  • The Per-payment Corporate Action Instruction is received at the latest two business days before each respective dividend payment.