Other services - Belgium (Euroclear Belgium)


Securities lending and borrowing

Equities and warrants are not eligible for CBL's securities lending and borrowing programme.

Multi-Market securities service

Please refer to the Multi-Market Securities page on the Clearstream website for a complete list of multi-market securities that are settled via BNP Paribas S.A. and the corresponding instruction specifications.

As there are an additional number of intermediaries in the settlement chain, cross-border transfers and realignments may take several days to settle. Consequently, Clearstream Banking cannot guarantee timely settlement of cross-border instructions which means that CSDR SDR cash penalties might occur if there is late or failed settlement.

Customers are therefore strongly recommended to send their cross-border settlement instructions to Clearstream Banking as early as possible to avoid settlement delays.

Disclosure requirements

Please refer to the Disclosure Requirements - Belgium.

Holding restrictions

Please refer to the Investment regulation section of the Market Profile - Belgium.

Tax services

Tax on physical deliveries

Physical deliveries of Belgian securities are subject to a tax of 0.6% on the market value following the purchase, acquisition or withdrawal of Belgian and foreign bearer securities from a custody account in Belgium. Exempt from this tax are:

  • Withdrawals and subsequent physical deliveries of foreign securities to non-residents of Belgium;
  • Physical deliveries of both Belgian and foreign securities to a bank, securities house or broker dealer resident in Belgium.

Withholding tax



Government bonds and corporate bonds (held in Euroclear Belgium (EBE SA/NV))

15% to 27%

Withholding tax levied at 25% on income from bonds issued before 1 March 1990. Withholding tax levied at 15% on income from bonds issued on or after 1 March 1990 and before 1 January 2013. Withholding tax levied at 25% on income from bonds issued on or after 1 January 2013 and before 1 January 2016.
Withholding tax levied at 27% on income from bonds issued on or after 1 January 2016.



Application of the relevant treaty rate, by refund, upon submission of the form prescribed by the relevant treaty.