T2S settlement day 7 February 2017

  • Volumes remain at pre-T2S levels. Smooth operations on T2S continue.

Areas to keep an eye on:

  • Liquidity Management: Please ensure that you provide sufficient cash to the Dedicated Cash Account in T2S to ensure sufficient liquidity for your T2S instructions especially during the night-time settlement. For details, please refer to the “Cash” section in the respective Customer Handbooks.
  • Please do not use the ASI P6 procedure for funding your he night-time settlement activity; instead please use the new DCA procedure.
  • Matured/inactive securities: Settlement instructions showing a security which is already matured cannot be processed on T2S and will be rejected.
  • Before an instruction with a newly issued security can be accepted, the security admission procedure has to be completed, that is, the ISIN must be introduced at T2S before a settlement instruction can be entered in the system. For details, please refer to the “New Issues” section in the respective Customer Handbooks.
  • T2S partial settlement: In case a DCA is to be debited and credited for the same T2S partial settlement instruction, the instruction goes into a loop. This issue has been reported to T2S. Recommendation is currently to avoid the cases where the DCA is the same for the buyer and seller.
  • For settlements CBF – DTCC the information in fields P1 and P2 is currently not transferred to DTCC. Our IT team is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We recommend our customers to take this into consideration. We will update you soonest.

With regards to updated documentation available, please note:

  • Realignment Guides were updated today – please see list of updated guides below.
  • Instruction details for the formats for CBF – USA for DCP clients (ISO 20022 format) are currently being updated and will be available soon.

Further updates will follow.