General tax information - types of securities, deadlines, other market specifics - Lithuania


Types of securities eligible in LuxCSD

The eligible securities issued in Lithuania are as follows:

  • Government bonds;
  • Corporate bonds;
  • Equities;
  • Investment funds.

Applicable withholding tax rates

The default rates of withholding tax applicable in LuxCSD on income paid on Lithuanian securities are as follows:

  • 0% on interest from government bonds;
  • 15% on interest from corporate bonds;
  • 15% on dividend from equities.
  • 15% on dividend from investment funds.

Holding restrictions

Please refer to the “Investment regulation” section of the LuxCSD Market Profile - Lithuania

Capital gains tax

There is no capital gains tax withheld through LuxCSD on securities held in LuxCSD. Capital gains tax may however be payable on specific gains. LuxCSD does not assist in this regard. Please consult your tax advisor for further information.

Stamp duty

There is no stamp duty withheld through LuxCSD on securities held in LuxCSD. Stamp duty may however be payable on specific transactions. LuxCSD does not provide assistance in this regard. Please consult your tax advisor for further information.

Statutory deadline for reclaiming withholding tax

The statutory deadline for reclaiming withholding tax using the standard procedure is five years after the relevant income payment for which tax reclaim is to be made, unless the DTT in place specifies a different deadline; for example, the DTT between Luxembourg and Lithuania defines a deadline of three years.

LuxCSD deadline for standard refund applications

The deadline by which LuxCSD must receive the documentation for a standard refund application is, at the latest, two months before the statutory deadline. All standard refund applications received after this deadline will be processed by LuxCSD on a “best-efforts” basis. However, in such cases, LuxCSD will apply an extra charge and accepts no responsibility for forms that have not reached the Lithuanian Tax Authorities by the date considered being the statute of limitations deadline.

For tax reclaims, you are reminded that LuxCSD accepts no responsibility for their acceptance or rejection by the tax authorities of the respective country. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine any entitlement to a refund, to complete the forms required correctly and to calculate the amount due.

When are refunds received?

The estimated time for receiving a refund is six months from the date on which LuxCSD receives the certified documents, although this can vary depending on when the application is filed, and the complexity of the information supplied in the reclaim form.