T2S Release 3.2: Post-launch implementation - Partial Release Request


Following Announcement L19021, LuxCSD1 informs customers about the implementation of issue resolutions for the Partial Release functionality following the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) Release 3.2 on

Monday, 2 December 2019

Partial Release functionality (T2S-CR-653-SYS) for delivery instructions

The service was not made fully available with the deployment of T2S Release 3.2. T2S plans to gradually correct the problems identified during the test in the coming months up to the implementation of T2S Release 4.0 (June 2020). LuxCSD will inform customers about the next steps.

During the testing, the following two problems were identified:

1.    It was determined that a “full release” for an instruction that was already partially released cannot be considered by T2S. 

The intended modification of the instruction is possible if customers first submit a "Hold" instruction and then an instruction for the “Release”. A “Hot Fix” will be delivered on Friday, 30 November 2019 to resolve this issue. 

After the implementation, T2S will reject the maintenance instruction requesting a “full release” on an instruction that is currently partially released. The existing error message “MMRI206: The referenced Settlement Instruction is already partially released or there is a pending Release Instruction of the same Hold type in the system” will be used as notification to the customers.

The above-mentioned workaround using “Hold” / “Release” instructions must be used. 

2.    For cross-border instructions, partial release was not initiated during the partial settlement window (PSW), even though the Partial Release request was successfully instructed. During the PSW, no status reporting was provided, but a cancellation message with the rejection code “SPSA005” was transmitted after the cut-off time.

Also, this issue is planned to be resolved as a “Hot Fix” and will be delivered on Friday, 30 November 2019.

Further information

For further information, please contact Client Services or your Relationship Officer.
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