Xact Web Portal: SSO, SConnect and WebCrypto


LuxCSD1 informs customers that effective

18 November 2019

the following improvements and changes will be made to Xact Web Portal:

  • New and improved smartcard-based login via SConnect for Singapore based customers;
  • Stronger focus on WebCrypto migration of remaining Java applet users.

Smartcard based login via SConnect

Singapore based customers can now migrate to Gemalto SConnect for their secure Xact Web Portal login. The new plug-in-based smartcard solution offers a seamless login into Xact Web Portal using Chrome or Firefox. Existing CreationOnline smartcards and readers can be re-used.

The Xact Web Portal User Manual explains the setup procedure in detail and provides additional information on minimum requirements and technical limitations.

Existing WebCrypto or Java Applet users with software certificates are not impacted by this change.

WebCrypto migration

All users should migrate to WebCrypto to benefit from the increased performance and security. The existing legacy Java-Applet based login remains active and usable but is grayed out to visibly indicate the phase out of this legacy solution.

Additional information on how to migrate can be found in the Xact Web Portal WebCrypto migration guide.

Further information

The Xact Web Portal User Manual will be updated in due course.

For further information please contact the Clearstream Connectivity Helpdesk or your Relationship Officer.


1. 1. LuxCSD refers to LuxCSD S.A., registered office at 42, Avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg, registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number B-154.449.