Xact File Transfer User Guides


Xact File Transfer is an efficient, secure and reliable file transfer connectivity solution. You can tailor the distribution of reports to suit your business needs and link it to any back-office system via or SwiftNet FileAct. Alternatively you can access Xact File Transfer directly from your desktop via public internet.

The use of Xact Web Portal  is also recommended so that you have full control over your subscription of business reports scheduled for delivery via our connectivity channels, namely Xact File Transfer via SwiftNet and/or Xact via Swift.

If Xact Web Portal is not available for this purpose, any requests for modification of report subscriptions have to be addressed to Clearstream Connectivity Client Services via authenticated means.

For more information on the Xact File Transfer application and functions, links to relevant user guides are provided below.

If you need further assistance, contact the Connectivity Helpdesk or your Relationship Officer.