Reminder: Deadlines for the submission of tax reclaim applications


The customer deadlines for submitting tax reclaims to LuxCSD1, before the statutory market deadline, are as set out in the following table:

MarketLuxCSD deadline a
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, NetherlandsTwo months before the statutory deadline
ItalyThree months before the statutory deadline

a. The actual deadline falls on the last business day before the stated LuxCSD deadline.

Tax reclaims received after the LuxCSD deadline

Provided that the required tax reclaim certification is complete and valid, we will process all standard refund applications received after the LuxCSD deadline on a "best efforts" basis. However, in such cases, we can accept no responsibility for documentation that has not reached the local tax authorities before the market deadline.

Furthermore, an additional fee of EUR 1500 will be charged for each reclaim application received less than two months before the applicable statutory deadline.

In some markets, additional fees may be charged, by our local custodians, for applications received after the LuxCSD deadline. For example, for reclaims of withholding tax on French dividends, the French withholding agent charges EUR 1000 per dividend payment per ISIN.

Note: With respect to tax reclaims in general, we remind customers that LuxCSD will process all reclaim requests received from customers, regardless if the fees involved are higher than the reclaim amount applied for. Customers are solely responsible for monitoring if the reclaim requests are profitable or not.

Customers are furthermore reminded that, LuxCSD accepts no responsibility for the acceptance or non-acceptance of refund applications by the tax authorities of the respective country. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine any entitlement to a refund of tax withheld, to complete the required forms correctly and to calculate the amount due.

Where to send the tax reclaims

Customers are kindly requested to send all tax reclaim request for the above markets to the address as indicated in the Creation Quick Tax Reference Matrix.

Furthermore, in order to avoid any delays or loss of documentation, LuxCSD customers are strongly encouraged to submit all tax certification by special courier or registered mail.

Important notes

One tax reclaim form is required for each account for which the reclaim is requested and the respective account number should be clearly mentioned on the relevant Letter of Request to LuxCSD for Reclaim of Withholding Tax. A template is available in each of our Market Taxation Guides.

Reclaims that are incomplete, that relate to more than one account or for which the stated account has insufficient entitlement will be rejected by LuxCSD.

Further information

For further information, customers may contact the LuxCSD Tax Help Desk or LuxCSD Client Services or their Relationship Officer.

1. LuxCSD S.A. (LuxCSD), registered office at 42, Avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg, registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number B-154.449.