Strong demand for LEIs


Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) play an increasingly important role in the transparency debate, data standardisation and in the disclosure frameworks for financial market participants across industry sectors.

Growing demand for new LEIs is also underpinned by the most recent CSSF fund reporting requirements and European level regulations in view of increasing the safety of financial markets. As part of the implementation of CSDR, customers of CSDs, including issuers, will have to supply their CSD with LEIs.

New ETF Issuance solution

Following the law on dematerialised securities in Luxembourg, LuxCSD now offers a perfect environment to issue Luxembourg-domiciled ETFs. Issuers can use LuxCSD as a gateway to a wide range of markets for the distribution of their securities. They not only benefit from LuxCSD’s direct access to TARGET2-Securities (T2S) (link) but can also access 54 domestic markets around the world via LuxCSD’s link to Clearstream’s ICSD.

For more details, please read our latest Newsflash.