Service scope

Securities settlement DVP and FOP

LuxCSD provides securities settlement service in T2S with Euro Central Bank Money covering all Euro denominated securities issued through LuxCSD. In addition, this service covers securities made T2S-eligible by CBF as Issuer-CSD through cross-CSD settlement in T2S. Furthermore, LuxCSD offers Investor-CSD settlement services for a number of countries through its direct link with CBF.

Issuance services

LuxCSD supports the issuance, settlement, asset servicing and safekeeping of a wide range of securities.

Asset servicing

Standard custody services include the handling of:

  • Exchanges;
  • Income and redemptions;
  • Corporate action events.

Comprehensive custody services are available to customers for securities accepted and held by LuxCSD. They include collection of coupon and dividend payments, collection of principal, exercise of rights and warrants as instructed by the customer, tax and proxy voting services.

Reporting and connectivity

Reporting and online connectivity in ISO 15022 will be available via:

  • Clearstream Xact with the following choice of channels:
    • Xact Web Portal;
    • Xact File Transfer;
    • Xact via SWIFT.
  • Creation Online.

National access point to TARGET2-Securities (T2S)

LuxCSD is playing a central role in preparing the local financial institutions to benefit from the opportunities provided by T2S and, simultaneously, in allowing Luxembourg's marketplace to remain competitive as a financial centre once the new European settlement infrastructure is implemented.

As part of its key strategy and initiatives, LuxCSD provides the Luxembourg financial market infrastructure with a national access point to T2S for Euro issuance and settlement in central bank money. This provides a strong foundation for offering customers a wide range of cross-border services for securities and investment funds.