Legal and regulatory framework

LuxCSD was incorporated as a legal entity and is fully owned by Clearstream International S.A.

LuxCSD has outsourced most of its operations to Clearstream Banking Luxembourg S.A. and Clearstream Services S.A. (collectively referred to as ‘’Clearstream’’).  Furthermore, LuxCSD has outsourced the securities settlement in central bank money to the T2S platform provided by the Eurosystem. Within the securities settlement, T2S takes over the entry and the processing of instructions, the validation, the matching and the settlement of transmitted instructions, the administration of positions, as well as the reporting of transactions and of positions for the securities accounts on the T2S platform.

LuxCSD provides the services of administration of positions in safe custody and the related services as for example corporate actions, dividend payments or services related to general meetings.


LuxCSD is regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) as an authorised central securities depository (CSD) under Article 16 of the CSDR (core and non-banking-type ancillary services) and has been granted the status as Securities Settlement System (SSS).

LuxCSD's legal framework is based on its General Terms and Conditions and additional governing documents.