LuxCSD - Legal Entity Identifier Service


LuxCSD as Local Operating Unit

LuxCSD has been issuing ISO 17442:2012 compliant LEIs with the prefix 2221 since September 2014.

LuxCSD has simplified the LEI process for its customers. Our LEI Service team will receive your request via the dedicated LuxCSD LEI email address and collect all required information to issue or renew your LEI.

The multilingual assistance will make the process straightforward and ensure your individual questions are answered along the way.

For all requests and questions, please contact us at or call our help desk +352-243-35806 (English) or +352-243-35804 (French).

All inquiries for the LEI service should first be sent by email. LuxCSD’s LEI Service will contact customers by email or phone to address their requests.

Why choose LuxCSD as LEI issuer?

  • Easy assisted process for LEI registration and LEI renewal
  • Customer oriented approach
  • Dedicated and Multi-lingual LEI Service customer service  
  • Single point of contact for any LEI related query
  • Assistance for all steps – keep your LEI “ISSUED” (up-to-date status)
  • Proactive monitoring of LEI validity and notifications for upcoming expiration date
  • Avoid extra expense for costly duplicates and corporate actions
  • Focus on data quality  
  • LEI issuance in multiple jurisdictions
  • Get your LEI code first and pay only after

Process to obtain an LEI  code

Prior to requesting an LEI code, please check with the Regulatory Business obligation for your particular circumstances and ensure that no LEI has been previously issued to your entity.   

LEI Registration with LuxCSD is a straightforward process:

  1. Please send an email to with your request to obtain an LEI code. LuxCSD LEI Service will send you a document to be completed for individual or bulk requests.
  2. Please complete the document and send it back to
  3. LuxCSD LEI Service will verify the completeness of the information provided for the LEI request and the billing parameters. LuxCSD will then, validate the entity and assign a unique LEI code that is in full compliance with all applicable standards.
  4. Payment will only be requested once the LEI has been assigned.

Renew or challenge an existing LEI code

The renewal process enables the registrant to modify the LEI record and to extend the validity “Next Renewal Date” of an existing LEI. In accordance with the LEI  Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC) and many regulations, every LEI should be renewed at least once a year. Renewal reminders will be sent by email to the registrant 60 days prior the expiration date.

The challenge process enables the registrant or third party to request a correction or modification of the LEI record, subject to validation. A challenge will not extend the validity of the LEI. Challenges are free of charge and can be used, for example in the case the legal entity changes their legal name or address as long as the change can be confirmed. Challenges can also be raised if there are any questions about the uniqueness of an LEI code or the accuracy of the reference data. Challenges from registrants or third parties for LuxCSD-managed LEIs can be sent to LuxCSD via

To support high standards of data quality worldwide, GLEIF provides a centralised challenge facility. For more information visit the GLEIF website.

LuxCSD LEI prices

The LuxCSD LEI prices are attached below.

Transfer LEI to LuxCSD

If you are interested in having your LEI data managed by LuxCSD and benefit from our support, please send an email to

Full support for LEI Registration Agent

Should you be interested to become a Registration Agent of LuxCSD, please send an email to

Terms and Conditions

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