Becoming a LuxCSD customer

Eligible customers

As a rule, LuxCSD only accepts the following entities as customers:

  • Central banks
  • AML-regulated banks or credit institutions as defined under the Law of 5 April 1993 on the financial sector of Luxembourg, as amended
  • Foreign AML-regulated banks and credit institutions with an equivalent status and subject to customer identification, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist procedures
  • Central Securities Depositories (CSD)
  • Issuers as account holders under the Luxembourg law on dematerialisation

Customers eligible by exception

Other legal persons applying for a relationship with LuxCSD who do not meet these criteria may be exceptionally considered provided that LuxCSD is constitutionally able to enter into such a relationship. The exceptional acceptance process applies to:

  • Professionnels du Secteur Financier (PSF) as defined under the Law of 5 April 1993 or equivalent foreign institutions if they are able to hold and control client assets
  • Brokers and securities dealers
  • Supranational institutions
  • Corporates

LuxCSD does not accept natural persons as customers and so no account will be opened in the name of a natural person.

Please follow these links to obtain account opening forms and for copies of our governing documents or contact your Relationship Manager for further information.