Securities administration - Lithuania


Income collection

Payment is made in EUR.

Market Record dateEx-datePayment dateBasis for entitlementStandard interest calculation rule
Coupon payment
According to the ProspectusNot applicableRecord date +1 business daySecurity position on Record dateShort-term bonds:
Long-term bonds:
Dividend payment
After AGM +10 (usually)PD-2 (usually, as T+2 settlement cycle)Record date +11 business days (earliest),
Record date +30 business days (latest)
Security position on Record dateNot applicable

Corporate actions

Entitlements for debt securities and equities are determined based upon the Record date. Record and Payment dates are approved by the AGM.

Official tender offers and other corporate action events with underlying cash proceeds will be processed in EUR. This is specified by the issuers in the prospectus.

Most common corporate events

The most common corporate events in Lithuania are as follows:

  • Non-voluntary: cash dividends, coupon payments, and final redemptions;
  • Voluntary: bonus issues, rights issues and tender offers.

Organisation of AGM/EGMs

An AGM must be held every calendar year within four months from the end of the financial year (which usually corresponds to the end of the calendar year). As a consequence, AGMs are most often held by companies in March or April. Record date for Proxy Voting is five business days before the AGM. Shareholders' voting eligibility is determined based on settled position on Record date. Partial and split votes are allowed.

Proxy voting

All shareholders holding the shares as on Record date are eligible to vote at the meeting.

SEB Estonia, as nominee account owner in SEB Lithuania, would be able to represent beneficial owners. No power of attorney is required from the beneficial owner. The market deadline to participate in the meeting is five business days before the AGM/EGM.