Global Securities Financing

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Clearstream’s integrated, real-time collateral management, securities lending and borrowing services are gathered under the Global Liquidity Hub. Its open architecture provides a deep pool of liquidity through links to agent banks, trading platforms, clearing houses and market infrastructures.

Clearstream launches new OneClearstream collateral management service

Clearstream’s new OneCMS service enables full triparty interoperability between Clearstream’s CSD and ICSD. This forms part of the OneClearstream initiative to align our cross-location and integrated (I)CSD service offering.

Agency securities lending via CCP

Clearstream’s agency securities lending service via the Eurex Clearing Lending CCP enables customers to make the most of their securities in a safe and fully integrated environment.

Supporting our customers in complying with SFTR

Acting as a triparty agent and as principal in Securities Lending, Clearstream is supporting its customers in meeting their Securities Financing Transactions Reporting (SFTR) obligations.

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