LuxEIS - Luxembourg Entity Identifier Service


LuxCSD has been sponsored as the pre-LOU (Local Operating Unit) of the Global Legal Entity Identifier System for Luxembourg domiciled entities and investment funds.

In support of our mandate, LuxCSD has formed a strategic partnership with DTCC (Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation) to provide the infrastructure for the LuxCSD LEI services for Luxembourg based entities and investment funds. LuxEIS will provide Luxembourg with a truly federated and robust model through the combination of our local expertise to meet the validation requirements set by the Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC), combined with DTCC's proven systems and the GMEI Utility services.

Endorsed by the G20, the Global LEI System (GLEIS) infrastructure will enable regulators and organisations to more efficiently manage their exposures and risk by use of the classification scheme known as LEIs. The LEI is a unique 20-character ID (compliant to ISO 17442:2012) which enables interested parties to easily identify legal entities and/or funds involved in financial market operations.

Luxembourg LEI portal

In order to perform or view the following options:

  • Create or Maintain LEI
  • Review Records, Search Database, Challenge an entry
  • Frequently Asked Questions, Glossary of Terms, Recent News and Documents
  • Update existing LEI data - initiate a challenge

Transfer LEI to LuxCSD

If you are interested in having your LEI data managed by LuxCSD and benefit from our support, please follow the instructions available here.

Customer information and assistance

If you experience any difficulties, please send us an email at


  1. Under self registration principles, users are responsible for the provision and correctness of the data provided for the concerned entities and/or investment funds.
  2. Non-Luxembourg domiciled entities or non-Luxembourg registered funds will be managed by the GMEI utility for processing with their service and Pre-Fix.
  3. LEI issuance shall not be construed as having an account and securities held with LuxCSD S.A. or Clearstream Banking S.A.

Terms and Conditions

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