LuxCSD LEI Repository - Archive 2018


LuxCSD provides the daily Common Data File Format (CDF) V 2.1 in XML format with the Legal Entity Reference Data (LE-RD) pertaining to LuxCSD managed LEIs. We recommend downloading the file by right clicking and saving the link / target before processing it. Please consult your IT team for further assistance with any conversions of the files to other formats such as Excel or Access.

The download of the files is governed by the below Terms of Use and is free of charge.

To check for duplicates against the records of all LEI activities in the global system, it is recommended to consult the GLEIF LEI search tool or consult the full, concatenated CDF files for all LEIs issued globally on the GLEIF website

A full description of the latest Common Data File Format (CDF) V 2.1 is accessible on GLEIF website

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