CreationDirect simplifies processing by allowing the transfer of instruction files and the download of report information using the most commonly used network infrastructures.

CreationDirect via Internet

CreationDirect via Internet offers intuitive access from a browser to Clearstream services over the internet. Customers request authentication certificates and simply access CreationDirect via Internet for submitting instruction files or retrieving reports.

CreationDirect via SWIFTNet

CreationDirect via SWIFTNet is based on the underlying SWIFTNet FileAct service.

CreationDirect via SWIFTNet supports instruction transfer and report distribution. In addition to the typical ISO 15022 message types available on Creation via SWIFT.

CreationDirect via VPN

CreationDirect via VPN provides connectivity services over the Clearstream VPN. Designed for straight-through processing of instructions and reports, it is platform-independent and provides high-speed, fully automated file transfer.

CreationDirect supports PDF and XML file formats.